For and Not-For Profit Pro Joins our Board

Youthire America, Inc. is pleased to announce that John Risner has agreed to join our organization as a member of our Board of Directors. John brings a wealth of experience in the non-profit arena. For 10 years he was the President/CEO of the Children’s Tumor Foundation (CTF) located in NYC. Under his guidance, John led a restructuring that increased revenue from $2.5 million to $12 million and also initiated a Drug Discovery Initiative that resulted in generating 22 new clinical trials. In addition, during John’s last seven years as President/CEO of CTF, the organization achieved a 4-Star (highest) rating.

Mr. Risner’s extensive experience in the “for-profit” business world includes having served as an active Board member on several Boards including his current role as Chairman and member of the Audit Committee for Accuride, Inc, (ACW); the largest North American producer of steel and aluminum parts serving the trucking industry.

John was also a Senior Vice-President and Senior Portfolio Manager for SunAmerica having managed over $10 billion in High Yield Bond Assets.

We are very pleased to have the honor of having Mr. Risner included on our Board of Directors and look forward to the guidance, expertise and input he can provide towards our mission in helping young adults find their true passion in life.”

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The headlines are everywhere you look….

  • “Youth unemployment rate (Age- 16 – 26 years old) in July 2013 was 16.3%”
    U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • “Teen unemployment hits record highs, suggesting a lost generation”,
    McClatchy DC
  • “Unemployment among teenagers remains stubbornly high”,
    Wall Street Journal

The statistics accompanying these headlines are very discouraging…

  • In the U.S.- a recent analysis by the Center for American Progress- concluded that more than 10 million American youth are unable to find work. That means the number of young Americans out of work is greater than the population of New York City.
  • In 1999, slightly more than 52% of teens aged 16 to 19 worked a summer job. By the summer of 2012, that number had plunged to about 32% over June and July. It means that slightly more than three in 10 teens actually worked a summer job.
  • Teens – often the last hired and first fired – suffered the toughest summers on the job front since WWII in 2010 and 2011. In April 2012, the U.S. unemployment rate for the 16- to 19-year-olds was 24.9%.
  • For the fourth consecutive summer, teen unemployment has stayed anchored around record lows, prompting experts to fear that a generation of youth is likely to be economically stunted with lower earning and opportunities in years ahead.

How does someone who sees and hears these stories every day feel even slightly optimistic about the future? The situation seems bleak especially when considering an economy that keeps trudging along.

This is where Youthire.com can help! Our web-site offers income-earning opportunities to teens and young adults by allowing for a selection of essential, everyday “odd-jobs” provided by local homeowners and/or businesses.

Youthire.com will allow today’s teens and young adults an opportunity to overcome the negative headlines by offering income-earning opportunities while providing the flexibility to choose jobs according to their own schedules.

It’s time for today’s youth to “Be Your Own Boss”

Open the door to new opportunities, and start taking control of your own situation. Here’s to saying “Enough” to all those discouraging headlines and “Hello to a new age of earning potential controlled by you – the Youthire.

Are you a Youthire yet?