Is there a fee to register?

In the sense that registration as a Business Owner would probably involve posting a Job Listing, there is a fee of $25 per Job Listing.

How do I create a Job Listing?

Once you have completed the registration process, posting a Job Listing is very easy. After logging in with your email address and password, you will be taken to your personal dashboard that will show three separate options: “Post A Job”, “Review Applicant(s)/Express Interest/ Review/Edit/Delete Job Post(s)” and “Review Instructions Page”.

You will select the “Post A Job” button and a screen will appear with several fields asking for information regarding your Job Listing. By filling out these fields your Job Listing will be posted with your Job Description, Business Address, Start Date, Payment Schedule, Days required and Amount of Hours per day.

How is the Job Posted?

When you are finished providing the details to your Job Description, you will be prompted to submit the Job. A screen will appear for payment to allow for the Job to be listed on the viewable Job List to Youthire’s. By providing credit card information and paying $25 for your Job Description, the Job will go “live” viewable to a database of Youthire’s within the immediate vicinity.

How will I be notified of interested applicants?

Once a Youthire has expressed an interest in your Job Post, you will receive an email informing you of the applicant’s interest. You can review the interested applicant by clicking the “Review Applicant(s)/Express Interest/ Review/Edit/Delete Job Post(s)” button from your personal dashboard.

You will see a screen displayed with a column titled “Review Applicants”. A number will appear in this column indicating the amount of individuals that have applied for the job. By clicking on this number a pop-up screen will appear displaying all the interested applicants. From this screen you can access each applicant’s individual Profile Page and decide whether or not to “Express Interest” in each individual.

If I am interested in the applicant how do I hire him/her?

On the Youthire’s Profile Page is a button which will allow you to “Express Interest” in the applicant. If you are interested in hiring this particular individual you can click this button and an email will be sent to the Youthire indicating that you have expressed an interest in their hiring.

Once I express an interest in an applicant what information is sent in the corresponding email?

The email sent to the interested applicant will provide your company’s name, address and contact information (i.e. phone number and email address).

How is this information used by the interested applicant?

The Youthire applicant who has applied to your job will use the information provided in the email to contact you to arrange for a personal interview.

Is there a limit to how many interested applicants I may express an interest in?

Absolutely not. You can review every interested Youthire by virtue of their provided Profile Page and decide which applicants you would like to “Express Interest”. Conversely, any applicants that do not fit your qualifications for the job will not receive any notice from you if you have not expressed an interest in their application.

Assuming I hire an interested Youthire, what is my obligation to the Youthire web-site?

Your only obligation will be to “Delete” the Job Listing from the “live” Job List viewable by registered Youthire’s. On your personal dashboard is the “Review Applicant(s)/Express Interest/ Review/Edit/Delete Job Post(s)” button. By clicking on this button a screen will appear that displays your Job Post. In the far right column is an icon that allows you to “Delete” your Job Post. By clicking on this icon a pop-up screen will appear asking if you would like to delete the job post. By clicking “yes” the Job Listing will be removed from the “live” Job List.

Can I “Delete” a Job Post at any time?

Yes. You have the option to remove a Job Listing from the “live” job list by simply following the steps mentioned in the above example. You will not however, be entitled to a refund for posting the job if you have decided to delete the job prior to hiring an applicant.

When I post a job to the web-site will my credit card information be stored with

No. Your Job Posting is a one-time event. Every subsequent Job Post by you will require the inputting of credit card information in order to allow the Job Description to go “live”.

Does the Youthire web-site have any role in the process after the Job Description has been posted?

No. The web-site is a platform that allows for you to post your Job Listing. Once payment has been made by you to post the job, the web-site allows for the interaction that will take place between yourself and the Job Seeker.

Can I change the information to my Job Post?

Yes. You have the option to “Edit” your Job Post at any time. On your personal dashboard is the button “Review Job Post(s)/Review Applicant(s)/Edit Job Post”. By clicking this button a screen will appear displaying your Job Post. The far right column will show an icon that allows you to edit your job post. By clicking this icon your original “Post A Job” screen will display which will allow you to change any information in your original post. By clicking “submit” the new description will automatically be viewable by registered Youthire’s.

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