Why am I required to create a Personal Profile Page

Your Profile Page represents a “snapshot” of who you are: your qualifications, personal skills, hobbies, likes/dislikes, etc. A JobProvider will have the ability to review your Profile Page when making a determination on whether to Assign you their Job. It is therefore in your best interests to create a Profile Page that best describes your personal attributes that would attract Job Assignments.

What information on my Profile Page will a JobProvider be able to view?

A Job Provider will be able to review all the information recorded on your Profile Page when creating the Page. Going forward the JobProvider will also be able to review your accumulated Work History.

What is an MID Number?

Once you have created a Profile Page and completed the application process you will be assigned a unique personal MID (Membership Identification) number. This number will be provided to a JobProvider when you apply for their Job that can be used to perform a review of your Profile Page. Your MID number will consist of your first and last initial plus 4 randomly selected numbers, i.e. TJ6743.

How do I apply for a Job?

Applying for a Listed Job is easy. From your Profile Page you can click on “View/Search Jobs”. A screen will display showing all available Jobs for application purposes. Simply select “Apply” and a description box will appear describing the Job in more detail including a description of the Job and approximate amount of time to complete the Job. After reviewing the Job description and decide to apply, you hit the “Submit” button and you’re done. A message will appear that reads: “You have successfully applied for this Job”

A side note: once you have applied for the Job in question, an email will be sent to the JobProvider informing them of your interest. This email will include your MID number which can then be used by the JobProvider to review your Profile Page.

Helpful Hint: When reviewing the Job List for available Jobs you have the option to submit the Zip Code for the area in which you are seeking a Job. A screen will display only those Jobs that are located within that Zip Code.

I applied for the Job, how do I know if I have been Assigned the Job?

When a JobProvider decides to Assign you their Job, they will indicate this decision by clicking a tab “Assign Job” on your Profile Page viewable to them. An email will be sent to your email address informing you that you have been assigned the Job. Included within this email is the contact information of your JobProvider. It is required that you contact your JobProvider prior to the start date of your Job to confirm the Start Date and any other details that might be necessary.

I applied for a Job but have not been assigned yet. How do I know if the Job has been assigned to another Youthire?

To see if a job has been "Assigned Out" you can view the Job Listings screen to check on the status of the job.  The Status column will show as "Assigned" if someone has been assigned the job.

Can I apply for more than one Job on the same day?

You can apply for more than one Job on the same day only under the following condition: if the two Jobs do not over-lap as far as the hours are concerned. If there is an overlap you will be prevented from applying for more than one Job on the same day.

What would happen if my Job Provider deletes the Job that I had been assigned?

In this case an email will be sent to you informing you of this occurrence. Your "Assigned" status will no longer apply and you will be free to Apply for other Jobs that take place on the date of the Job that had been cancelled.

Is there a way to keep track of all my Assigned Jobs and Jobs that I applied for?

Yes. From your Profile Page you will see a “My Jobs” tab. By clicking this tab a screen will display showing all the Jobs you have “Applied” for and all the Jobs that you have been “Assigned”. The Jobs that you have “Applied” for would be considered to be in a pending status while the “Assigned” jobs are Jobs that you have been selected to perform.

Helpful Hint: This screen is a useful tool to keep track of your outstanding Job Assignments and the Jobs that you have Applied for. You should also keep in mind not to Apply for a Job if you have already Applied for another Job with the same Start Date.

How will I receive payment?

All payments for “Completed Jobs” will be done electronically. In order for a Youthire to receive their payment two conditions must be met:

1) You must establish a checking account first, and then
2) You must establish an account with PopMoney @ popmoney.com

Your checking account will receive the payment while PopMoney will handle the transfer of funds to your account.

Youthire.com will not have access to your banking account information

Helpful Hint: If you are either 16 or 17 years of age a bank may require that you have a guardian present in order to open a checking account. It is therefore suggested that you ask the bank that you intend to open the account with, whether their policy requires a guardian present when opening the account. Or simply ask your parents (or legal guardian) to review this issue.

Another Helpful Hint: when opening your account with PopMoney you may want to access their web-site using your Google Chrome browser.

Finally:  On your Profile Page there is a link that explains the Payment Process in greater detail.  Please refer to this if you have any further questions.

How do I arrange for payment?

Once you have completed your Job, you must indicate the Job as “Completed” via your Personal Profile Page. Simply click on the “My Jobs” tab and find the Job that you have completed on the screen that is displayed. Click on the green check mark in the “Action” column. A pop-up screen will appear displaying the details of the Job you have just completed. After reviewing the information click “Submit” and the Job will be marked by you as “Completed”. That’s it!

A message will appear at the top of your screen that reads: “On (date) you successfully marked (Job#) as Complete”. In addition, an email will be sent immediately to your JobProvider informing him/her that you have marked the Job as “Complete“

Helpful Hint: Make a record of your completed Job either by photograph, video or journal entry for future reference, if necessary.

Important: If the Job involved more than one Youthire to complete, it is the responsibility of each individual to mark the Job as “Completed” from their own Youthire account. This will ensure that each Youthire that performed the Job will be compensated.

How long before I receive payment?

At a minimum it will take 3-5 business days to have the payment deposited into your account. You will receive an email informing you that the payment is in transit and a separate email when the money has been deposited into your account.

A side note: Your JobProvider has 48 hours to make payment. If payment has not been made within that time, Youthire.com will initiate the payment process. This could delay your receiving payment by a day or two. It is therefore suggested that once the Job has been completed you request the JobProvider make payment promptly.

What is the amount that I will receive?

You will receive the amount listed on the JobList description when you applied for the Job.

You should know this: Please be aware that the payment amount to you represents a net payment after a 15% charge has been deducted from the JobProviders’s payment to Youthire.com. This charge is necessary for operational costs, etc. in order to allow Youthire.com the ability to maintain the site and provide its services to you.

What if I forget to mark the Job as Completed?

In this case the Job will be considered “Completed” when the JobProvider initiates payment. However, if you fail to mark the Job as “Completed” and the JobProvider does not make payment within 48 hours, Youthire.com will have no way of knowing that you have completed the Job and therefore cannot initiate the payment process. It is thus a good idea to mark the Job as “Completed” as soon as you finish the Job.

What Personal Identfication must I provide?

You must provide the Identification that is indicated on your Profile Page. This information was submitted by you when you initially created your Profile Page.

Is a Youthire required to provide personal identification for every Job?

You should have the personal identification indicated on your Profile Page with you whenever appearing for an assigned job.  It is not a requirement, however you may be asked to provide this information by your Job Provider.

A side note: if you elected to “not allow” viewing of your Personal Profile Page when creating your Youthire account, you will be required to provide your identification at each Job.

Why am I given an option not to allow prospective JobProvider’s to view my Profile Page?

This decision is strictly a personal choice. If you do not wish prospective JobProvider’s to view your Profile Page you can simply elect not to allow this ability when creating your account. Creating a Profile Page is a requirement when submitting your application for Youthire membership; however, allowing JobProvider’s the ability to review this page is not a requirement. The purpose of the Profile Page is to provide a prospective JobProvider the ability to review your credentials and make a decision on whether or not to assign you their Job.

Can anyone access my Profile Page?

Only those Job Providers to whom you have applied for their posted Jobs will have access to your Profile Page. When you apply for a Job an email is sent directly to the JobProvider who posted the Job informing them of your interest. Included within this email is your personal MID number which is used by the JobProvider to access your Profile Page. Without access to your personal MID number a person will not be able to view your Profile Page

Do I need parental consent to register as a Youthire?

When applying for membership as a Youthire, you are asked to acknowledge having read the “Terms of Use” and “Privacy Policies” regarding membership requirements. Stated within the “Terms of Use” is an acknowledgement that if you are 16 or 17 years of age, your parents are aware of your intention to register with Youthire.com. It is therefore recommended that if you are 16 or 17 years of age that you inform your parents that you intend to register as a member with Youthire.com

What would happen if I did not appear for a Job that I was assigned?

It would be your responsibility to contact your JobProvider if you will not be able to perform the Job on the assigned date. Contact information for your JobProvider is provided via email once a Job has been assigned to you. It would be an irresponsible act to neglect informing your JobProvider in the event you cannot show on the day of the assigned Job. This could also impact negatively on future Job prospects if your JobProvider were to enter a review describing your failure to appear. So it is highly recommended that you contact your JobProvider if you cannot appear on the day of the assigned Job.

Are JobProvider’s allowed to post a review of my work?

Yes. A JobProvider has the option to answer a questionnaire involving the quality of your work, your desire to follow instructions, your ability to finish the job and whether or not you appeared on time. The JobProvider is also given an option to provide a brief description of your job performance. This information will be provided on your Profile Page which future Job Providers will be able to review. It would therefore be in your best interest to compile favorable JobReviews which will only lead to more Jobs being assigned to you.

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