Is there a fee involved to use the web-site?

No. The service is free of charge.

How do I Post A Job?

Posting a Job is a very simple procedure. Once you log into your account you will be taken to the JobProvider home screen. You will see several tabs. By clicking “Post A Job” you will be taken to a screen to post your job. Simply fill in the required information fields and hit “Submit”. That’s it!

Your Job will go “live” and instantly viewable by Youthire members seeking Jobs.

How can I see that my Jobs are posted on the site?

You can view all listed Jobs by entering information at the “What” and/or “Where” buttons at the top of your screen. By entering either a Job description (such as lawn rake) in the “What” field or Zip Code in the “Where” field, you will see all Jobs listed that meet that criteria – including your posted Job(s).

After I Post-A-Job what do I need to do?

Nothing – except to wait on Youthire’s applying for your Job(s). Going forward you will be informed via e-mail that a Youthire has applied for your Job. The email will provide you with the MID number of the interested Youthire and at that point you will be able to review the Youthire’s background via their Profile Page and decide whether to Assign your Job.

What is an MID number?

Included within the email notifying you that a Youthire has applied for your Job is the MID (Membership Identification) number of the respective Youthire. You will need this number when reviewing the applicant.

How do I review an applicant?

You can review all Youthire applicant(s) to your Job Post by clicking the button on your dashboard that includes “Review Applicants\". The screen that displays will list your Posted Job(s).  There is a column with the title \"Review Applicants\".  When someone has applied for your job a red numeral will appear in this column.  The numeral will reflect the amount of applicants to your Job Post.  By clicking on the red numeral a pop-up screen will appear with the list of applicants.  From this list you can individually review each applicant\'s Profile Page by clicking the link in the far right column.  After reviewing the applicant you can return to the pop-up screen to review the other applicants.

How do I assign a Job?

While reviewing the Profile Page of your prospective Job applicant you will have the option to assign the Job. Located on each individual\'s Profile Page is a button with the title: “Assign Task to This Youthire”. If you decide to assign the task to the Youthire simply hit this button and you are done!

A side note: you are not required to assign the task when reviewing the Profile Page. You can always go back to the particular Job applicant later if you wish. It’s quite possible that you will receive other interested applicants to your Job and you may wish to select from the several applicants the one which you decide to perform the Job.

What happens after I assign a Job to a Youthire?

Two things will happen: the Youthire will be notified via email that he/she has been assigned your Job. Included within this email will be your contact information. Youthire’s are encouraged to contact JobProvider’s prior to the JobDate. Secondly, you will be informed via email confirming that you have assigned the Job to the particular individual. Included in this Confirmation Email is the phone number and email address contact information of the individual you have assigned your job.  

What happens if my JobPost receives no applicants?

There may be several reasons why your Job Post has received no response. It may be possible that the pay was considered insufficient. Or it may be that your JobPost was entered too close to the JobDate. It might even be that your Job has been moved too far down on the Job List viewable by Youthire’s.

In any event you have several options at your disposal: if you elect to change any details of your Job Post you can “Edit” the Job by clicking on the “Edit/Delete Job Post” at your Home Screen. Your posted Job(s) will be displayed from which you can select the Job you wish to edit. Your original Post-A-Job screen will be displayed and you will be able to edit any information about the Job. After hitting “Submit” the changes will immediately be made to your Job viewable on the Job List. *See instructions above explaining “How to View Your Job Post” to make sure the changes have been made.

Also, at the end of every 48 hour cycle you have the option to “Refresh” your Job Post. By clicking on “Refresh Job Post” at the Home Screen your posted Job will be displayed to “refresh” the listing. By clicking on the relevant Job Post and hitting “Submit” your posting will automatically be moved to the top of the Job List viewable by Youthire’s. A side note: if the 48 hour cycle has not been completed a message will be displayed informing you that the refresh option is not available at that point in time. *To view that your Job has moved to the top of the JobList refer to the instructions above regarding “How to View Your Job Post”

My Job requires more than one individual and less than the required amount of individuals have applied.

In this case you have two options: you can either elect to have the Job performed by the lesser amount of individuals or you can “Delete” the Job altogether. In order to “Delete” a Job click on the “Edit/Delete” tab at your Home Screen and choose the Job you wish to delete from the list that appears. Once you hit “Submit” the Job will be removed from the JobList and a message will appear on the screen informing you that your selected Job has been “deleted”. An email will also be sent to the Youthire applicants informing them that the Job has been cancelled.

Can I delete a JobPost at any time?

Yes. You can delete a job at any time prior to the Job Date. We understand that issues may arise that force the cancellation of a Job, but we would encourage that deleting a Job be done at least 48 hours before the JobDate. Once you have indicated that you are deleting a Job, an email is sent to the Youthire(s) informing them of this occurrence. The sooner they know the better chance they may have to arrange for another Job.

If I have one (or several) JobPostings at the same time is there a way to review all at once? Also, can I review more than one applicant at a time?

Yes. At your Home Screen click on the button that includes “Review Applicants\". You will be brought to a screen that displays your JobPostings. For each listed Job you will be able to review each applicant that has applied for that particular Job. You may also “Assign” the Job when reviewing the appropriate Profile Page. This tab is very useful in the sense that it “organizes” your listed Jobs and allows for an all-in-one review of JobPostings, interested Youthire’s and the ability to Assign Jobs.

Can I post a review of the Youthire’s Job performance?

When making a payment for a completed job you are given the option to provide a review of the Youthire\'s Job Performance.

We strongly encourage that you post a review of the Youthire\'s Job Performance and have strived to make it a fairly simple process.  A review consists of answering four simple multiple choice questions that adequately indicates the Job Performance.  Reviews are very helpful for future Job Providers when deciding on assigning their job.  

Can I make payment using cash or check? only accepts credit cards for the processing of payments to Youthire’s for Completed Jobs.

Why am I required to provide credit card information when Posting A Job?

When posting a Job for the first time you are required to provide credit card information for two reasons:

1) to allow to verify your identity and;
2) to have this information on file for current and future payment purposes.

Who handles the payment process? has partnered with First Data Merchant Services Corp., a subsidiary of Citi Merchant Services, to handle the processing of credit card payments

How secure is my credit card information provided to has partnered with Authorized.Net LLC(, a leading payment gateway since 1996, to accept credit cards safely and securely for our customers. Authorized.Net LLC is a subsidiary of CyberSource Corp., a leading provider of payment management and risk management services to hundreds of thousands of on-line businesses around the world. is also registered with the Authorize.Net Verified Merchant Seal program.

For additional information regarding the privacy of your sensitive card holder data, please read the Authorize.Net Privacy Policy (

How does the Payment Process work?

Once a Job has been completed by the Youthire, they are required to mark the Job as “Completed” on their account. An email will immediately be sent to you informing you that the Job has been marked as “Completed”. will be notified as well that the Job has been marked as “Completed”. At this point you will be required to acknowledge the Job as having been “Completed” and to initiate the payment process. This is done by way of logging into your account and clicking the “Make Payment” tab at the Home Screen.

A side note: you can elect to initiate the payment process as soon as the Job is completed. You do not need to wait for an email indicating that the Job has been marked as “Completed” by the Youthire.

What happens if I don’t mark the Job as “Completed”?

As part of the process for submitting a Job, you are required to provide credit card information. If you do not mark the Job as “Completed” within 48 hours, will charge your credit card the appropriate amount listed on your Job description.

How do I make payment?

After logging into your account, click the “Make Payment” tab. A screen will display your Job and ask whether the Job had been completed. By clicking “yes” a new screen will display to calculate the amount that is due. After reviewing and agreeing to the total amount you will be asked to hit “Submit” and the payment process will be complete. A side note: your credit card information will already be on file and will therefore be charged the total amount to which you agreed upon.

What if I click “no” and dispute that the Job had been Completed?

If you dispute the Youthire’s indication that the Job was completed your payment will be withheld for a maximum of two weeks. Once you click “no” will be notified that the Job Completion is in dispute. In addition, the respective Youthire will also receive an email explaining that the Job Completion is in dispute. It is recommended at this point to attempt to reach a resolution between yourself and the respective Youthire.

If a resolution cannot be reached you will need to contact at describing the matter in detail. If an email has not been received within two weeks from the time the matter was placed into dispute, will automatically make payment to the respective Youthire.

If a resolution can be reached simply log into your account and make a “normal-way” payment.

How does the Youthire receive their payment?

Your payment will be directed to a bank account held at Citibank in the name of Youthire America. From this amount a 15% charge will be deducted and the net payment will be made by to the respective Youthire.

A side note: There are no “add-on” fees charged to your credit card. The amount paid to the Youthire is a net amount after deducting 15% from your payment.

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