Welcome To Youthire.com!

Going forward whenever you log into your account you will be provided with the following options:

  • Post-A-Job
  • Review Job Post(s)/Review Applicant(s)/Assign Job(s)
  • Refresh Job Post?
  • Review Applicants
  • Review Credit Card Information
  • Review Instruction Page

Posting a job is a simple matter requiring minimal effort. The “Post-A-Job” screen is user-friendly and can be completed in a matter of minutes.

Post Your Job (Choose A Job Category)

A Drop-Down menu box is provided to select the most commonly referred odd-job postings. Simply select one of these options and your “Job Type” will be entered. If your “Job Type” is not referenced in the Drop-Down menu you can briefly describe your job in the description field.

What is the Start Date of the Job

Month, Day and Year Fields are provided to enter this information.

Amount of Individuals Needed For This Job

Input field is provided to indicate the number of Individuals needed for the Job

Start Time

Input fields are provided to indicate the specific time of day you wish the job to be started.

Estimated Time To Complete Job

Input field to enter the estimated time to complete your job (in hours). This may be an effective way in determining a wage that is fair and agreeable to both the Job Provider and the Youthire Job applicant.

Address of the Job-Site

Input fields for Home Number and Street, Town and Zip Code are provided for the address in which the job will be performed.

Job Payment

Input fields will ask for a dollar amount to be entered as either a “Lump Sum” or whether payment will be based on a “Per Hour” basis.

That’s It!

Once you enter “Submit” the job post will go “Live” and Job Seekers will immediately be able to review for consideration.

Job Posting

Once your job is posted it will be submitted at the top of the submitted Job Postings. Job Seekers will be able to review Job Postings by category or by reviewing “All Jobs” posted. In either case your job posting will initially be at the top of the list once posted. For instance, if your posted job is “Lawn Mowing” the job will initially appear at the top of the “Lawn Mowing” list as well as the list of “All Jobs” posted.

If after 48 hours, there have been no replies to your Job Post, you will have the option to “refresh” your post which will once again place the job at the top of the lists for “Lawn Mowing” and “All Jobs.” You may continue to “refresh” your post at the end of every 48 hour cycle if there have been no replies to your post, or you have not yet assigned the job to any interested applicant(s).

You may also have the option to change your Job Post at any time. This option does not require a 48 hour waiting period and might be considered if there have been no replies to your post. It may be possible that your Job Post has not fielded any responses due to the fact that the compensation may be deemed insufficient by the Job Seekers.

Make Payment

To make payment for a completed job select the “Make A Payment” tab after signing in. Payment can only be conducted by credit card.

Credit Card Information is required prior to posting your first Job. When posting your first Job a “pop-up” screen will display when you hit the “Submit” button. The screen will ask you to provide the credit card information of the card you will be using for payment.

Going forward you will not be required to provide this information. If however, you decide to change the card being used for payment you must select the “Review Credit Card Information” button at the Job Provider Home Screen and the information you have stored can be changed to reflect the new card.

Your credit card information is protected and secure.

Youthire.com has partnered with Authorized.Net LLC(http://www.authorize.net), a leading payment gateway since 1996, to accept credit cards safely and securely for our customers. Authorized.Net LLC is a subsidiary of CyberSource Corp., a leading provider of payment management and risk management services to hundreds of thousands of on-line businesses around the world.

Youthire.com is also registered with the Authorize.Net Verified Merchant Seal program.

For additional information regarding the privacy of your sensitive card holder data, please read the Authorize.Net Privacy Policy (http://www.authorized.net/company/privacy/)

FYI: Your payment will be made to a bank account in the name of Youthire.com and will then be disbursed to the Youthire member after a 15% fee has been deducted. This fee is necessary for operational purposes in order to provide this site.

Job Applicant Review

A unique feature of the Youthire.com Web-site is the ability to review a Youthire applicant’s Personal Profile Page. Each Youthire job applicant is required to create a Personal Profile Page that will act as a “snapshot” of the applicant’s individual traits such as school activities, interests, hobbies & work history.

Contingent upon the Youthire’s authorization for public viewing of their Profile Page, you can access the page for a review of the applicant.

Assigning the Job

Once an applicant has indicated an interest in your Job Post an email will be sent directly to you regarding this interest. Each Youthire member was assigned a Membership Identification Number (MID) upon successful completion of their registration. The MID is disclosed to you in the email and can be entered into the appropriate field when you select “Review Job Applicants”” after sign in. You can also review the applicants to your Job Post by clicking the “Review Job Post(s)/Review Application(s)/Assign Job(s) tab at the Job Provider Home Screen. Your Post(s) will display with applicants already indicated. Simply click the “Applicants” column and a screen will display with the names of the interested applicants. From here you can review their Personal Profile Pages and decide who you would like to hire.

In order to assign the task you will indicate approval of the applicant and an e-mail will be sent to the Youthire applicant informing him (or her) of your assignment. This email will contain your contact information (including home address). It is recommended that communication between yourself and the Youthire applicant occurs before the date of the job.

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