Welcome To Youthire.com!

After creating your account the first step in registering to be a Youthire is the creation of your unique Personal Profile Page.

Your Personal Profile Page will act as a “snapshot” of who you are

For instance, your Personal Profile Page will display to a potential JobProvider what activities you are involved in, your hobbies, your favorite subjects, movies, musical artists, etc.

You will also be given the opportunity to provide a brief narrative describing yourself in ways that may distinguish yourself for odd-job opportunities. For instance, do you have experience raking leaves, babysitting, moving furniture or any type of activity that may be useful to a Job Provider? Do you enjoy working indoors rather than outdoors? Maybe you would then prefer painting a room versus raking leaves! Do you enjoy taking care of children? Do you have younger brothers and sisters? Maybe you would be a natural fit to babysit! So be creative and allow your best qualities to shine through – and be brief (less than 200 words).

Going forward, as you accumulate Completed Jobs, your Personal Profile Page will also act as a representation of your work history. This alone will help you land more jobs. Completed Jobs will move to your Profile Page and will be viewable to prospective JobProviders.

Another way to help differentiate yourself would be to include references to your Profile Page. When creating your Profile Page you will have the option to list a maximum of three references. This could be an excellent way to attract JobProviders to assign you their job.

You may also set an “Income Desired” target by entering a dollar amount into the “Income Target Box.”Completed Jobs will add to your total “Dollar Amount Earned” and provide incentive to reach your goal. Maybe you need to earn $500 for the latest IPhone, Mountain Bike, Shoes or Entertainment Equipment. Just keep track of your earnings and you will reach that goal!

Payment for your completed job will be conducted on-line and will require two actions on your part. You must:

  • Open a Bank Checking account first and then;
  • Create an account with Popmoney.com

If you do not already have a bank account you may want to inquire with your parents (or legal guardian) as to the best way to open a checking account. If you are either 16 or 17 years of age, most banks will require a parent (or legal guardian) be present when opening the account.


is an on-line service that allows for the transfer of funds to be deposited to your bank account. It is a simple process to create this account but a bank account number is required to complete the process. This is why you must open a bank account before creating a PopMoney.com account.

Please be aware that Youthire.com will not have access to any of your banking account information.

Payment to you is safe and secure.

Youthire.com will transfer the money you earned to your bank account for deposit. All that is needed is your email address which is provided when you register with the site. The process for deposit will take 3-5 business days. Once you have the requirements in place you will never have to do anything else.

One final note on this subject

if you do not feel comfortable opening up a bank account, you can have payments made to your parents’ (or legal guardian’s) bank account. They will still need to create an account with PopMoney.com and provide their email address to receive the funds to their bank account.

Also know that: although it is not necessary to have a bank account or PopMoney.com account in order to initially register with Youthire.com, they will be required in order for you to receive future payments for completed jobs.

You should also know that

A 15% service fee is deducted from the JobProvider’s payment for your completed Job before the money is transferred to your bank account. This is the fee assigned by us in providing the platform to bring these jobs to you.

Just so there is no confusion

the dollar amount payable to you represents a net payment after the fee is applied and you will be paid the dollar amount shown on the Job List.

After completing the Personal Profile Page

you will be assigned a Personal Membership Identification (MID) number. This number will be displayed at the top of your Profile Page and will be used to identify yourself to a Job Provider when you apply for a job.

Contingent upon your authorization

the JobProvider will be able to access your Personal Profile Page to review your qualifications – so make it stand out!

You will always have the ability to “Go Back” and edit your Profile Page.

For instance, you may not want to provide References at this point but may elect to do so in the future. Or you may want to change your Personal Profile picture. Also, if you elect at this point not to allow access to your Profile Page but decide later on that you would like to allow access, you may change this as well.

One final word – and this is important.

You will be required to present a valid Identification card prior to your first job assignment. This card must match the information provided when applying for membership. It is important that your identification is validated. Your first JobProvider will indicate that proper Identification was presented by you and going forward, you will no longer be required to present this identification. An indicator will appear on your Profile Page that “Identification was properly presented.”

If this does not appear after completing your first assignment, you may want to contact your Job Provider and remind them to indicate that Identification was provided. Otherwise, you will not be permitted to apply for future odd-jobs until ID verification is indicated on your Profile Page.

It is important to us at Youthire.com

that this site be an enjoyable experience for all who take part. We hope the opportunities presented to you will help you to earn some extra money and allow yourself to “Be Your Own Boss.”

If there is anything that you feel may need correcting

or if the registration process might need some “tweaking” – please let us know. We can be reached at support@youthire.com and welcome any and all input.

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