Youthire America’s mission is to change the landscape for Young Adults in America.  Our mission is to provide increased opportunity for Young Adults aged 16 though 26 by providing a resource that allows for members of this age group to find their true passion in life.

Technological advancements have allowed us to provide a resource web-site,, that seeks to connect communities with local Young Adults in four strategic areas: Traditional Employment, Internships, Volunteer Projects and Odd-Jobs.  Opportunities provided in these four areas will strengthen communities while also providing Young Adults with a resource that allows them to experiment with areas of personal interest.

Our mission is therefore quite clear: to provide the platform necessary for Young Adults to gain confidence in their abilities, to reach an informed decision about the direction of their personal life and to learn valuable life lessons such as an appreciation for the work ethic, personal responsibility and giving back to the community.

Our goal is to partner with school districts, civic, non-profit and governmental organizations, in communities throughout the United States, as well as local businesses and major companies – to help provide opportunities, large or small, to our youth – to not only give them a sense of independence with earnings, but also to:

  • Contribute to their growth, pride and sense of personal accomplishment
  • Expose them to the lessons of civic duty, integrity,work ethic, responsibility and accountability
  • Introduce them to different work environments to help them discover their true passion in life
  • Help re-establish and solidify community relations
  • Provide ongoing “growth” opportunities and ways to contribute to, and build, the Youthire service via Youthire Ambassadorships, Mentors and Trainers
  • Building a portfolio of experience 

As Youthire America expands throughout communities, it will always be our mission to provide opportunities that will benefit Young Adults in their personal development while also providing the tools to choose a life's endeavor that is personally rewarding. 

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