There is a shortage today in opportunity for Young Adults in America.  The advent of the internet, although providing many benefits, has resulted in an economic environment that has mostly short-changed the age group comprised of individuals between the ages of 16 and 26. Increased competition for available jobs has left those with limited experience at a disadvantage.  It's a vicious cycle - a Young Adult in today's world is finding it increasingly difficult to gain the work and life experiences necessary to compete.

Youthire America Inc. recognizes the dilemna facing Young Adults today and seeks to reverse the trend of what many are calling a "Lost Generation".  This can only be accomplished by providing a resource specifically tailored to Young Adults that allows them to gain the experience, and learn the valuable life lessons of personal responsibility and the work ethic, that will assist them in making informed decisions regarding school choice and/or a career that is personally rewarding.

Our non-profit organization provides such a resource by offering a website calleed (  This website acts as a "Central Hub" for Young Adults to search for opportunities of personal interest in four separate categories: Traditional Employment, Internships, Volunteer Projects and Odd-Jobs.  We have intentionally limited participation in the program to individuals between the ages of 16 and 26 and, in addition, have constructed the site to encourage opportunities available to Young Adults within their respective community.  These features result in the dual outcomes of decreased competition and increased opportunity.

Youthire America Inc. has as its mission the goal to provide Young Adults with a platform that will contribute to their growth, pride, sense of self and accomplishment.  Sadly, recent generations of Young Americans have been deprived of the opportunities to develop these attributes. Only through participation, experimentation and self-exploration can a Young Adult discover what truly motivates them and what their true passion in life may be.  We at Youthire America will provide the ability for Young Adults to compete in the marketplace with a foundation of personal achievement, experience and confidence.

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