Young adults, ages 16 to 26, that are looking for the ability to earn some extra income while maintaining a schedule that includes schoolwork, after school activities and family responsibilities no long have to go door to door or scour the classifieds. is the first of its kind website devoted entirely to helping this demographic connect with employers.

The idea for the website came to me this past summer when my wife and I realized that we didn't have someone to water our plants when we were going away for a week. Wouldn't it be great, we thought, if there were a website that allowed local area homeowners to post "odd jobs" that young adults from the area could apply for? The more we thought about it, the more sense it made to us. The website could be applied to so many different situations, including raking the leaves, mowing lawns, cleaning garages, moving furniture, putting up storm windows, babysitting, running errands and so on.

This was something that we felt could provide a great service to the community. It would be a win-win for everyone involved — homeowners would have the ability to locate a person to perform essential, everyday odd jobs while young adults would have the ability to earn some needed cash. At the outset, the idea of bringing homeowners together with young adults to perform jobs was the primary function of As the site was being developed we began to view it as something that could provide a more essential function; one that would benefit the community in a more meaningful way. We viewed the site as one that could promote neighbor helping neighbor; bringing the community together in a way that hadn't existed before.

We also began to view the site as one that could be beneficial to young adults in several ways. Not only as a way to earn money in a difficult economic environment for youths, but also as a way that could instill values such as personal pride, self-reliance, responsibility and the satisfaction gained from "doing a job well done."

The purpose of this site is to provide an outlet that can possibly reverse the trend of young individuals being very frustrated with their job prospects. We feel that by providing income-earning opportunities, young adults will feel more optimistic about their future prospects and more confident about their abilities. We aim to create this opportunity in an environment that will be enjoyable, memorable and rewarding.
In short, we viewed this site as having the potential to create a healthy respect for the concept of work ethic.

What makes so attractive is the relative ease in which jobs can be posted and applied for. The site allows for a seamless flow of communication between the job provider and job seeker. For instance, both the job provider and seeker receive emails alerting them to an application for a job and the assignment of a job, respectively. In the near future a mobile application will be provided to allow for easier access.

Registration for job seekers (Youthires) requires the creation of a Personal Profile Page. This page will act as a "snapshot" of the Youthire's interests, abilities, achievements, work history, etc. The job provider, in turn, will have the ability to review the profile page of any Youthire that applies for their job. Registration for job providers is quick and easy, free of charge and requires no obligation on their part.

In terms of payment to the Youthire, all major credit cards are accepted and the Youthire is paid using an online service provided by Citibank known as In order to receive payment, Youthire's are required to have a bank account and need to create an account with Popmoney. com. will take care of the rest.

So the next time you're going away on vacation, or you have an odd job that needs to get done, simply post it on the website and sit back, relax, watch the game, hit the beach, go play a round of golf, whatever, and a Youthire will do the job for you.

Thomas Cerna is the founder of Youthire. For more information, visit, email or call 917-208-7716.

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