When this recent snow storm hit in the beginning of 2016, things became very chaotic. The grocery stores were empty, and the roads were unplowed with over two feet of snow in the ground. While people came outside after the fact to clean up the damage, there were situations that just were impossible to have immediate resolution. That is where Youthire.com shines brightly. After joining Youthire team, I applied for a snow shovel job in Glen Cove. The home owner was moving in from Brooklyn that Sunday and needed the driveway to be shoveled for the movers and for unpacking purposes. With the driveway covered in two feet of snow, this would of been a really strenuous and difficult process. Through Youthire, the homeowner was able to hire workers to get the work done with the very easy process of posting a job through the site. Myself and another Youthire employee (Logan) were able to make the experience a lot less painful for this new home owner in moving into her new house.
I applied for another snow shovel job through Youthire a few days later. In this situation, the homeowner was on a business trip when the snow hit. Through Youthire, he was able to have his driveway fully cleared and a peace of mind for his trip back home.. I highly encourage anyone who needs work done to post a job through Youthire.com. It brings the community closer, and it creats opportunities for the young people in our community to potentially learn new skills and learn about themselves. It is a great source, and not hard at all to navigate. Thank you Youthire!!

Date: 30 Jan, 2016
Post By: Christopher L. [Youthire MID:]


I had the opportunity to post a job thru youthire.com over the 24 inch storm just come thru. I am very please to say i got a very quick responce.

I was able to succeed in finding a HS student to shovel my husband and I out of these blizzard snow conditions this weekend.

Not only that but this person is now connected to me and has offered (w/pay) to be someone I can count on to continually shoveling us out (on an as needed basis) even when we are down in Florida on vacation. I no longer have any concern that our house will not be looked after. In the spring I know that I will be able to count on this same person to help collect leaves off my property and help with other tasks as needed.

My congratulations to youthire.com for the (free) background check that they offer with each job posting. I never had to worry that the person on the other end of the phone is not truly who they say they were.

With the way payment is set up I have no concerns as to how this person gets paid; even if I'm not in town.

Thank you youthire.com.

Signed; from a very happy client!

Date: 28 Jan, 2016
Post By: Pam [Youthire MID:]

My experience with Youthire has been positive from the start. I can pick whatever odd-job I want and get paid right away for my services, and the pay is generally acceptable. In fact, I recently started a fulfilling part-time job thanks to Youthire, which can lead to full-time. It was an opportunity that I couldn’t find anywhere else, and it landed right in my lap thanks to Tom and the Youthire team. If you are young like me and hungry for some extra work, Youthire is a no-brainer. Thanks for everything!

Date: 13 Oct, 2015
Post By: Andrew [Youthire MID:]

Alfredo was amazing! He is a hard worker and super dedicated. I wish I could keep him around full time! He helped me clean my garage and organize everything. He was polite and responsibile; a great repesentation of your site. This site is a great idea! I am so pleased that I found it. When I was in college I was working three jobs and was always looking for odd job work to pay my tuition. This site would have been perfect. I hope it has great success!

Date: 16 Aug, 2015
Post By: J.B. [Youthire MID:]

I would like to give Monica a rating of 5 out of 5. She is a wonderful person and was a pleasure to work with.

Date: 16 Aug, 2015
Post By: J.B. [Youthire MID:]

I love youthire!

Date: 8 Aug, 2015
Post By: Anthony milazzo [Youthire MID:]

I was super skeptical at first, but it was super easy to post a job, review applicants and make payments. The youthire showed up on time, and was hardworking. He completed the task plus so much more. I have already posted other odd jobs, and reccommened this site to so many friends.
I love the fact that young students can make decent wages helping homeowners rather than making minimum wage. Awesome website!

Date: 7 Aug, 2015
Post By: Jennifer [Youthire MID:]

I performed a job assisting a homeowner in a move. The job took five hours to complete and I made $100! I look forward to performing more jobs from the site. It's a great way for me to get some extra money every now and then.

Date: 6 Aug, 2015
Post By: jack [Youthire MID:]

Earlier this month I posted a job on YoutHire.com for someone to help me clean out my garage. Within a couple of days, two people had applied. It was reassuring I that I was able to read about the background and experience of both applicants on the website. They both seemed suitable. Andrew H. arrived at the agreed date and time and was helpful and personable.

I liked the fact that I was able to post the job at an hourly rate without having to specify the exact number of hours needed, since I wasn't sure how much time would be required. For other types of jobs there is the option to post a lump sum rate. Once the work was finished, it was easy to arrange the payment on YoutHire.com for the exact number of hours worked.

The entire process worked out well for me. It's simple to post any kind of job, big or small, which is a plus. I'm sure I'll use YoutHire again in the future and I encourage others to give it a try. It would be great for our community if this service can continue to grow.

Date: 28 Nov, 2014
Post By: Leslie Raynor [Job Provider]

We were scheduled to cover one of our ice cream trucks with a motorhome cover for the winter months. At the last minute the fellow who was to help us couldn't make it on Sunday. I remembered Youthire. On Saturday, I registered a job opening for a helper. I called Tom at Youthire support who tied to line up a couple helpers but the times just didn't work for us. Sunday morning I received a call from James who is a youthire worker. James could not make it to us by the start time of 12 noon, however, he put us in touch with Dan. Dan, #DT3259,called and said he could make it to us in Oakdale by 12 noon. Wonderful, I gave him the address, etc. Dan lives in the Bayport/Blue Point area. About 11:45 Dan arrives and is a tremendous help. We couldn't ask for more. When he was about to leave, I asked him were he parked his car. It turned out he didn't come by car. He rode his bike to the bus and then rode his bike to our location. What a great young fellow. We had a very last minute need and found everyone concerned to be very helpful. Thank You Youthire!!!

Date: 27 Nov, 2014
Post By: Elaine Piotrowski [Job Provider]

My Son, Robert, was working for a local store.They treated him very well, but paid just above minimum wage.He was looking for better pay and some flexibility.Robert found YoutHire.com and went to work right away.His salary about doubled and he liked the diverse job situations.I had some questions, contacted YoutHire, and spoke to the founder, Tom Cerna.Tom explained the workings of his company and put me at ease.Robert is very happy with the jobs he is getting, can work around his college schedule & the pay is great.Thanks Tom Cerna & Co!

Date: 1 Nov, 2014
Post By: STEVEN LERCH [Job Provider]

I saw an article in news day about the website and thought it was the perfect way to tackle my gardening needs. I was maintaining the garden myself but became overwhelmed with overgrown vines and bushes. I signed up and am very happy to say Robert L. Came to my rescue. He worked very hard all day and managed to trim, chop down, uproot and manicure the whole property in no time. My yard looks so beautiful now! I will definitely use the site again whenever I need assistance with maintaining my home or other jobs that may come up. Thank you again Robert L. And Tom Cerna for making this possible.

Date: 21 Sep, 2014
Post By: teresa cantilli [Job Provider]

I just wanted to say what a great idea it was to start Youthire.com! My youngest child is graduating North Shore High School this year and she, just like my other children, have always worked at some sort of job while they were attending either Middle School or High School. I think my children are better off and more well-rounded as a result of these experiences. My husband and I were not the type of parents who would just "hand-out" to them whenever they asked. We felt it was more important that they learn the value of earning money and that they would appreciate being able to have that money when they needed it. I am a big supporter of Youthire.com because they offer these opportunities to young adults and I would suggest that more parents encourage their kids to take advantage of this site. I for one, will definitely be encouraging my child to register with this site and will be posting jobs when in need of a Youthire!

Date: 18 Apr, 2014
Post By: Pam [Job Provider]

The entire interface of the website is incredible! Never seen anything like it. Signing up was very simple and did not take long at all. The whole look and feel of it is super awesome!!

Date: 14 Feb, 2014
Post By: Nicholas Babich [Youthire MID:NB1877]

Thank you so much for getting both Alex W. & Theo to clear out the snow from my SC driveway. They were quick and courteous, as well as very fair. I'm so glad you posted on the Sea Cliff Facebook page, otherwise I'd have to shovel the whole space myself. Youthire.com is a great service you are offering - will contact you again when something comes up in the future.

I hear more snow is in the forecast, my fingertips will be ready for the next need.

Wishing you & your crew all the best,

Date: 3 Feb, 2014
Post By: Barbara G [Job Provider]

Just wanted you to know that Jordan G. was wonderful yesterday. He was respectful, eager to help, listened carefully and took directions well, and worked nonstop for 3 hours hauling furniture with my son, clearing the garage and patio, hanging storm windows, carrying various items down to the basement, and even helping to dissemble large pieces that wouldn't fit down the basement stairs. I was so pleased!

Thank you so much for making this possible.

I will be happy to relate my good experience with others. It's not easy to find good help for small jobs, and I was delighted with my contact with youthire.com.

Best of luck to you, and you can be sure I'll call you again.

Date: 25 Dec, 2013
Post By: Jeanine B [Job Provider]

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